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Mon Sep-26-16 12:49 PM

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12. "exemplary user experience + technical issues "
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Mon Sep-26-16 01:03 PM by bearfield



i'm hard pressed to think of one thing from a presentation or gameplay standpoint that i don't like about this game. not crazy about the offroad racing so far but i'm working with a small sample size. perhaps it gets really good as you get better at it. and some of the roads feel very similar to the original FH. i found myself thinking on more than a few occasions, "isn't this exact stretch of road in FH?"

most of my criticisms and complaints are on the technical side. it's kind of disappointing that this game seems to not want to run at 60 fps on pc. i have a pretty beefy rig but at 60 fps performance is very poor, frequently stuttering and dropping frames. however locking the game to 30 results in a very smooth and better looking experience. my guess is that it's designed to be played at 30. i'm not particularly upset about not being able to play it at 60 since it's a racing game and therefore more about planning than reflexes. those extra input frames shouldn't matter if you're racing correctly. that said, this game does play better at 60 and i hope they patch in a fix for the stuttering

it was a pain to install on pc. had to download it halfway 4 times before it finally installed after i left it downloading overnight. i shouldn't have issues with downloading the the service i paid for. i've had a few random freezes and ctds. online syncing is slower than it should be. the menus are madden slow sometimes

also the car list is slightly disappointing. it seems littered with antique american cars that i don't care about at all. the lack of porsches/rufs is heartbreaking. hopefully the car packs will drop some more interesting vehicles in the game later

other than those things this game is really something else. it just feels and looks so damn good. all the systems have been improved. the idea of the player dictating how the game progresses is pretty interesting. setting up parameters for the races is fun and it gives the player a means to race the new car they won/bought in the next available race. i'm getting rewards left and right for racing well (all assists off + rewind off + above average difficulty = 85% increase in CR every event). the handling engine is still remarkable. cars feel like they should when all the assists are off. and they went and added that forza proper level of tuning which i forgot that i loved. i had a lot of fun for an hour or so just alternating between tuning up my newly purchased hsv gts and racing it in rivals mode to knock a few seconds off my lap time

when i play this game it's almost like i'm fondly reminiscing about what the original forza horizon looked and felt like, meaning that nostalgia has erased all the faults and greatly enhanced the good parts


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Forza Horizon 3 [View all] , bearfield, Tue Sep-20-16 11:21 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
I'm jumping on the early version too
Sep 21st 2016
you know me. I have it. and an HDR tv
Sep 21st 2016
high praise considering that the original FH was the best PGR ever
Sep 21st 2016
shit, i might cop now
Sep 21st 2016
dammit. now I gotta hop on it
Sep 22nd 2016
wow. PGR was one of the 1st Xbox games I had.
Sep 23rd 2016
      the team that makes FH is partially comprised of ex PGR devs
Sep 23rd 2016
So if I liked Burnout Paradise, will I like this?
Sep 23rd 2016
maybe. it's less arcadey than burnout
Sep 23rd 2016
yeah, I dunno. it's not burnout.
Sep 23rd 2016
Unsanctioned Street Races are a nice addition
Sep 23rd 2016
Forgot I downloaded the demo and played last night
Sep 28th 2016
Sep 30th 2016
was just about to drop this
Sep 30th 2016
      dammit, Aint working no more
Sep 30th 2016
The Hotwheels Expansions
May 11th 2017
i don't like it but i just want more street routes for time trials
May 11th 2017
      My kids and I were up way past their bed time playing it last night
May 11th 2017
           it's good but not what i want from a racing game w/ realistic physics
May 11th 2017

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