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Fri Sep-23-16 12:24 PM

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9. "maybe. it's less arcadey than burnout"
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i'm actually going to paste a comment about FH i made years ago as it's applicable to this question:

cars feel unique and different from one another, much like they do in more traditional sims like forza and gran turismo. this is the opposite of more arcade-ish racers like burnout and need for speed

the actual racing tends to be less punishing than sims and it encourages taking risks. the game places an emphasis on style, driving aggressively, and cleanly by rewarding the player with points for things like long drifts, consecutive passes, clean laps, etc. it's basically the kudos system from the project gotham racing series (a case could be made that the horizon series itself is an extension of the project gotham racing series)

there is a tuning system like in traditional sims but it doesn't go very deep. you can't change gear ratios or adjust your camber angle. it's a money sink, in a way. you can still do neat stuff like engine swaps and adding superchargers in addition to more commonplace things like suspension replacement and weight reduction. it's theoretically possible to modify a lower class car like a supra to the point that it is able to race alongside high end paganis and mclarens

like forza and GT, there are a lot of cars (about 200). it takes place in a contiguous open world, like burnout or test drive unlimited. it has the gradational difficulty system from forza and when you turn all the assists off it feels more like a sim than an arcade racer


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Forza Horizon 3 [View all] , bearfield, Tue Sep-20-16 11:21 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
I'm jumping on the early version too
Sep 21st 2016
you know me. I have it. and an HDR tv
Sep 21st 2016
high praise considering that the original FH was the best PGR ever
Sep 21st 2016
shit, i might cop now
Sep 21st 2016
dammit. now I gotta hop on it
Sep 22nd 2016
wow. PGR was one of the 1st Xbox games I had.
Sep 23rd 2016
      the team that makes FH is partially comprised of ex PGR devs
Sep 23rd 2016
So if I liked Burnout Paradise, will I like this?
Sep 23rd 2016
yeah, I dunno. it's not burnout.
Sep 23rd 2016
Unsanctioned Street Races are a nice addition
Sep 23rd 2016
exemplary user experience + technical issues
Sep 26th 2016
Forgot I downloaded the demo and played last night
Sep 28th 2016
Sep 30th 2016
was just about to drop this
Sep 30th 2016
      dammit, Aint working no more
Sep 30th 2016
The Hotwheels Expansions
May 11th 2017
i don't like it but i just want more street routes for time trials
May 11th 2017
      My kids and I were up way past their bed time playing it last night
May 11th 2017
           it's good but not what i want from a racing game w/ realistic physics
May 11th 2017

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