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Thu Aug-23-12 10:43 PM

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"Mechanical Keyboards - Anybody got one?"



It's good to be in with your IT guy at work. I put in a req order for a Das Keyboard Model S Pro. Didn't bat an eye and gave the order invoice back in 2 minutes. Hopefully Newegg will deliver by Tuesday. I'm finna klack the hell out of my co-workers. It's got to be better than the POS wireless keyboards that everybody else has. After a bit of waffling, I decided to go with the blue cherrys. The bump and the click kinda sold me, as I wasn't 100% confident the brown would be right for me (and while there are the black cherrys, I have a feeling one of my HP ps/2 keyboards would feel similar)

Anybody else rocking one? If I really like the Das Keybpard, I may well order one for home (I have been eying the Razor Black Widow, but I don't game like that)

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Mechanical Keyboards - Anybody got one? [View all] , spenzalii, Thu Aug-23-12 10:43 PM
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I was about to make this post.
Aug 24th 2012
I believe the Quick Fire Pro has the 10 key pad
Aug 24th 2012
      The Pro unfortunately has Brown switches.
Aug 24th 2012
Looks like Wednesday is the delivery date for the Das Keyboard
Aug 25th 2012
I use an old IBM 8923 keyboard
Aug 25th 2012
yup i have an unlabeled das.
Aug 26th 2012
You'll get reported to HR for sure
Aug 26th 2012
The Das came in today
Aug 27th 2012
Aug 27th 2012
mess around and get your spacebar stolen.
Aug 27th 2012
Let 'em try...
Aug 27th 2012
i have two ibm model Ms at home
Aug 28th 2012
I want one of those ones with the trackpoint.
Aug 28th 2012
I'd love one of those black ones
Aug 28th 2012
Been about 2 weeks. Better impressions
Sep 17th 2012
Got a Filco with ninja caps.
Sep 17th 2012
Heard nice things about Filcos. Let me know how you like it
Sep 22nd 2012
      RE: Heard nice things about Filcos. Let me know how you like it
Sep 23rd 2012
The Razer came in last night
Sep 25th 2012
Is it really that serious?
Sep 26th 2012
If you do a lot of typing, yes it is
Sep 27th 2012
Wish I searched for this post earler as I was wanting reviews
Nov 15th 2020
Forgot this thread. Currently running a G810 on my personal rig
Nov 23rd 2020
great save I'm looking at them right now
Nov 23rd 2020

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