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Topic subjectMLB's 2024 Hall of Fame Class
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2803728, MLB's 2024 Hall of Fame Class
Posted by JayEmm, Tue Jan-23-24 06:23 PM
Adrián Beltré
Joe Mauer
Todd Helton


Billy Wagner falls 5 votes short.
2803734, Mauer.
Posted by Walleye, Tue Jan-23-24 08:31 PM
2803926, MAUER!
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sat Jan-27-24 01:21 PM
Jay Jaffe summed up Mauer's election nicely:


Though he made it by a mere four votes, Mauer did become just the third catcher to be elected by the writers on the first ballot, after Johnny Bench (1989) and Ivan Rodriguez (2017, by just four votes as well). You know what they call guys who do that?

Hall of Famers.

I get that Mauer’s credentials, for as strong as they were, were hardly perfect given that he caught just 921 games and spent the last five years of his career as a more-or-less league average first baseman. I get that Mauer’s Twins went 0-and-10 in the postseason while he slashed a meager .275/.341/.300. He still had a long enough stretch where he absolutely kicked ass as a catcher like few in the game’s history — he’s the only backstop to win a slash-stat Triple Crown, the only one to win three batting titles, and one of two to lead the league in on-base percentage twice. He’s seventh in JAWS and fifth in seven-year peak (all from his years as a catcher). That’s worthy of Cooperstown, and I’m glad he won’t clog the ballot with a few years of drawing 60-some percent before getting in.

2803802, I didn't think much of Wags candidacy at first
Posted by will_5198, Thu Jan-25-24 12:31 AM
but he should probably be in next year
2803981, MLB HOF is becoming a joke
Posted by The Real, Sun Jan-28-24 08:01 AM
How can Sheffield not get in? I heard someone say it's because of his ties to Bonds and his name was in the Mitchell report. FOH, Bagwell and Biggio got in and there was smoke around him and the Astros all those years.

If you don't want to put a dude like Sam Sosa in, I get it. But Bonds was a HOFer prior to the PED error, Clemens too