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Topic subjectThere are reasons why Duncan was first ballot and Webber wasn’t…
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2792276, There are reasons why Duncan was first ballot and Webber wasn’t…
Posted by ThaTruth, Sat May-27-23 12:18 AM
>Only in a world of alternative facts would someone believe
>that garbage. CWebb was an outstanding scorer and had great
>handles for a big guy. I loved CWebb going back to his Fab 5
>days, but he was not seeing Duncan.
>Head to head, Duncan averaged more ppg than CWebb. When it
>mattered Duncan elevated his play. He played in over 250
>playoff games from age 21 through 39, averaging just under
>21ppg. CWebb played in 80 playoff games from age 20-33,
>averaging under 19ppg. He averaged 20 ppg or more 4 times,
>with his high being 24.4. Duncan averaged 20ppg or more 10
>times and averaged 24.4 or more 4 times. To say Duncan was a
>more efficient scorer too. To say he was ‘nowhere near the
>scorer’ as CWebb is a pretty ridiculous statement to make.

Duncan was obviously better overall but Webber had higher highs and lower lows scoring plus the other offensive categories can’t be disputed I don’t know why people get in their feelings about this lol