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Topic subjectLow key wonder about Nique and the Admiral.
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2792232, Low key wonder about Nique and the Admiral.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Fri May-26-23 05:53 AM
Not an injury, but Robinson’s military obligations robbed him of at least 2-3 what could’ve been highly productive seasons. Then came the back injury in 96-97, which definitely accelerated his decline in productivity and health. Not sure how much of a difference it makes with him bc we saw his peak in the early-mid 90s - which was incredible - but ultimately not as dominant as the Dream’s, Shaq’s, or Duncan’s. Still, he was insanely well-rounded and dominant in his prime.

‘Nique gets more and more underrated as the years pass on. He had what was always a career ending rupture of his Achilles in early ‘92. Had he not gotten injured, would he have made the Dream Team. I remember being incredibly pissed Laetttner and Mullen made it over him at the time. He still came back and was a prolific scorer. But not quite the same and got bounced around before finishing out his career in Greece. He had some epic battles with Bird’s Celtics in the 80s - despite having a terrible supporting cast.