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Topic subjectColeman and Kemp too
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2792083, Coleman and Kemp too
Posted by DJR, Tue May-23-23 06:50 PM
Those young PF’s in the early 90s came out so strong. Coleman was never the same once the injuries started piling up after 5-6 years, and he had the irregular heartbeat issue looming throughout the rest of his career. Still remained an effective player because he was so skilled, but the athleticism was gone and couldn’t do it for 70-80 games.

LJ’s back injury took all the explosiveness away. Was still an effective player for awhile - tough defender, improved his shooting range, and adapted the best he could, but that explosiveness was what made him special early on.

Kemp got fat during the lockout and just never recovered really. He had a year or two where he was still pretty good even as a fat guy, but then he faded really quick. He probably had the longest run as a star of those 3…..he really had to fall off hard to not make the HOF - and sadly he did.