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2792080, Oop nvm already mentioned
Posted by guru0509, Tue May-23-23 06:04 PM
>of a significant portion of their prime...
>I know people like Grant Hill come to mind, his college career
>helped boost him into the HOF even though his stellar NBA
>career was stopped in his prime. In some ways he was LeBron
>before Lebron. He still had a solid second half of his career
>as a role player and was a first ballot HOF'er.
>I was recently watching a video were Kobe was saying Tracy
>McGrady could do everything he could and was taller. There was
>a time were Kobe vs T-Mac was a legitimate argument and a lot
>of people were on T-Mac's side. The injuries started coming in
>his late 20's and he was never the same. He still was a first
>ballot HOF'er. What's really crazy is T-Mac and Grant Hill
>were supposed to team up with Tim Duncan in Orlando but Tim
>Duncan didn't come when Doc Rivers said his wife couldn't fly
>on the team plane. Talk about what would've been a "super
>Chris Webber is another guy I think of in this category. He
>came into the league as an athletic freak. When he played
>against the 92 Dream Team as a 19y/o on the 92 Select Team
>Larry Bird said "If that's what's coming into the league its
>time for me to go!" He came in with first ballot HOF'ers KG
>and Tim Duncan and was their equal and in some cases better.
>Multiple injuries early in his career robbed him of a lot of
>his explosiveness but he still had a great career even though
>he had to wait a few years to get into the HOF.
>Who else?