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Topic subjectNBA HOF'ers that would've been greater if injuries hadn't robbed them...
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2791907, NBA HOF'ers that would've been greater if injuries hadn't robbed them...
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon May-22-23 02:33 PM
of a significant portion of their prime...

I know people like Grant Hill come to mind, his college career helped boost him into the HOF even though his stellar NBA career was stopped in his prime. In some ways he was LeBron before Lebron. He still had a solid second half of his career as a role player and was a first ballot HOF'er.

I was recently watching a video were Kobe was saying Tracy McGrady could do everything he could and was taller. There was a time were Kobe vs T-Mac was a legitimate argument and a lot of people were on T-Mac's side. The injuries started coming in his late 20's and he was never the same. He still was a first ballot HOF'er. What's really crazy is T-Mac and Grant Hill were supposed to team up with Tim Duncan in Orlando but Tim Duncan didn't come when Doc Rivers said his wife couldn't fly on the team plane. Talk about what would've been a "super team".

Chris Webber is another guy I think of in this category. He came into the league as an athletic freak. When he played against the 92 Dream Team as a 19y/o on the 92 Select Team Larry Bird said "If that's what's coming into the league its time for me to go!" He came in with first ballot HOF'ers KG and Tim Duncan and was their equal and in some cases better. Multiple injuries early in his career robbed him of a lot of his explosiveness but he still had a great career even though he had to wait a few years to get into the HOF.

Who else?