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Topic subjectHe's said before that if his numbers in rafters, it should be Denver
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2792002, He's said before that if his numbers in rafters, it should be Denver
Posted by Nodima, Mon May-22-23 11:05 PM

During one of his final visits here as an opposing player, in December of 2019, Carmelo Anthony was tugged forward, invited to gaze at the future. He was questioned about the eventual end of his storied career — which officially arrived with a retirement announcement on social media Monday after 19 NBA seasons — and asked to envision where his jersey would one day be hung.


“This is where it should be retired, to be honest with you,” Anthony said that night. “Just my opinion, man. The history is here. This is where it all started.”

Then, Anthony smiled, acknowledging the complication attached to the idea of raising his No. 15 into the Ball Arena rafters.

“Joker’s got 15 now,” Anthony said, referring to Nikola Jokić, who Monday night will try to lead the Nuggets to the NBA Finals for the first time in their history. “(So) we’ll see. We still have time for that.”

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