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Topic subjectMelo was never really fully embraced here in the first place
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2791892, Melo was never really fully embraced here in the first place
Posted by khn, Mon May-22-23 12:14 PM
He always had outspoken detractors, but his departure (which really wasn't that bad) gave the people who wanted to demonize him something to really dig in with. And all of the criticism he got, even when things were going great, always felt very rooted in 'cism. Unless you're the Broncos, Denver is a really shitty sports town... and doubly so if you're the Nuggets.

I'm optimistic that the relationship can be mended a little bit. There will always be people who just will not like him or give him his due. But it seems like for most fans here with a functioning brain, it's all water under the bridge. Either way, you can't tell the story of the team w/o Melo, so they better show him some fucking respect.

(the double 15s hanging in the rafters 20 years from now will be hilarious though)