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Topic subjectI recently watch the 2 new basketball movies…
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2791764, I recently watch the 2 new basketball movies…
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun May-21-23 03:16 AM
Both were kinda meh but interesting

Air on Prime Video is basically Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s take on how Nike got MJ, the face of the actor that play Mike is never shown, Deloris Jordan played by Viola Davis basically emerges as the star of the show.

White Menu Can’t Jump on Hulu is of course a modern twist on the old film with the same name with Jack Harlow and Sinqua Wallace in the starring roles. I felt like Harlow was star of the show. Fans of other black tv shows will see some familiar faces. I thought the film had its humor moments but kinda drug out towards the end.