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Topic subjectI recently watch the 2 new basketball movies…
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2791764, I recently watch the 2 new basketball movies…
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun May-21-23 03:16 AM
Both were kinda meh but interesting

Air on Prime Video is basically Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s take on how Nike got MJ, the face of the actor that play Mike is never shown, Deloris Jordan played by Viola Davis basically emerges as the star of the show.

White Menu Can’t Jump on Hulu is of course a modern twist on the old film with the same name with Jack Harlow and Sinqua Wallace in the starring roles. I felt like Harlow was star of the show. Fans of other black tv shows will see some familiar faces. I thought the film had its humor moments but kinda drug out towards the end.
2791774, 1st half hour of AIR was boring af
Posted by calminvasion, Sun May-21-23 09:29 AM
We both feel asleep, so maybe we were take tired, but I think it was just slow and boring, so much labored exposition. And Matt's sunny wasn't compelling- Chris Tucker wasn't either

Not sure I'll go back and finished it
2791775, It legit took me 3 times to get through AIR lol
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun May-21-23 09:39 AM
2791808, i assumed this was to be basketball's "Moneyball"
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sun May-21-23 06:47 PM
but Moneyball was gripping from the first scene
2792649, I LOVED Moneyball, and I hate baseball. So yeah, not in it's league
Posted by calminvasion, Thu Jun-01-23 08:22 AM
2791779, I mentioned Air in the GD post...wife and I enjoyed it...
Posted by Dstl1, Sun May-21-23 10:03 AM
I was contemplating WMCJ, but Reeq kinda got me rethinking, lol.
2791784, Air was cool. It was a marketing movie, not a basketball movie
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun May-21-23 10:41 AM
I turned off WMCJ after 5 minutes.. its for the younger generation.

The OG is too good.
2791785, White Men is a throwback to Def Jam movies, in a bad way
Posted by Nodima, Sun May-21-23 10:48 AM
Just an unhinged string of low hanging race jokes and screenwriting 101 motivations. It’s not directed very interestingly either.

The basketball might be better than the original though.

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2791798, Air is more Social Network than a basketball movie.
Posted by Ryan M, Sun May-21-23 01:45 PM
I liked it a lot.

I’m…gonna skip WMCJ.
2791810, Air was alright, but it's essentially a dramatized documentary.
Posted by PROMO, Sun May-21-23 06:54 PM
2792647, What yall think??
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Jun-01-23 07:59 AM
Drops tomorrow on Peacock. I'm gonna check it, because I honestly don't know much about that squad, outside of Bron. Also, my guy Caleb McLaughlin is in it and I fuck with Wood Harris for life.

2792654, I'll probably check it out
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jun-01-23 09:15 AM
2792679, Air was decent
Posted by pretentious username, Thu Jun-01-23 03:05 PM
I kinda hate biopics (or similar films). They just all feel like VH1 movies to me, yet somehow they end up winning all sorts of awards. Still, I was entertained enough because the performances were good. Anything Matt Damon or Viola Davis are in is worth watching pretty much.

I’m not watching WMCJ. Trying to recreate the dynamic that Snipes and Harrelson had with 2 new people is an exercise in futility.
2792766, I watched the first 5 minutes and turned WMCJ off
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Jun-02-23 07:53 AM
how you gonna start the movie in a gym and not on Venice Beach?

I guess these young bucks dont play outdoors like they used to.
2792769, White Men Cant Jump was HORRENDOUS
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Fri Jun-02-23 08:08 AM