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Topic subjectWell, my biggest fear is that it's a message to Houston.
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2792179, Well, my biggest fear is that it's a message to Houston.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu May-25-23 03:05 PM
And that message is "do everything you have to do to build a win-now team." Trade the 4th pick, trade Porter, trade Sengun, trade Jabari if you have to.

I just... don't know if you can shift your entire timeline from "win 4-5 years from now" to "win today" over the course of a summer, especially considering they don't have all their first rounders going forward.

Feels like a world in which they mortgage the future to play, like, Green, Harden, Pat Bev, Anunoby, maybe they pay a laughably fucking huge deal to Brook Lopez... y'know, some very 44-win-ceiling-ass team like this.

Like, I think Portland has some decisions to make about Dame if Scoot falls into their lap at 3. (We talked about this elsewhere, Ryan.) Because if you have enough youth assets on the roster, trying to run concurrently old timeline and young timeline players at the same time is an insane tightrope to walk.

So it's like Houston... *wants* to be in that boat, lmao. And yeah, I just kinda think they're going to put themselves in a position where they're totally fucked if they sign Harden. Just completely fucked for, like, over half a decade. And I like a lot of their talent (even if the fit is super weird right now), so I hope they don't do it.

(I also just can't imagine a world in which Philly doesn't offer Harden legitimately the entire world to stay, lol.)