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Posted by Marbles, Thu May-18-23 02:32 PM
>What's good, folks? Figured I'd throw up a season joint for
>the 4 of us to talk shit in. Season opener coming up. What's
>that, Youtube TV? WNBA Season Pass...24.98 for the whole

LMAO! We subscribed to it too. The little lady wanted to watch some of the Athletes Unlimited hoops games and they came with the package. You're right though, $25 is an absolute steal.

>Eastern Conference:
>Atlanta Dream: Protect Renee Montgomery at all costs. She has
>been super positive for that team and the league in general.
>Things are turning around. Three top 15 picks in this year's
>draft are signed.

Atlanta has been bad for too long. I like Renee so I hope she can turn things around here.

>Chicago Sky: James Wade looking around like the Fresh Prince
>'how come he don't want me?' meme. Ace, Quigs, Sloot gone.
>Kahleah is in full control.

KFC plus they got Courtney Williams who can flat out score. I like Emma Meeseman too. They got lots of holes to fill but I don't think they'll be completely awful.

>Connecticut Sun: JJ gone, Curt Miller jetted to LA. They
>were so good...just kept running into Vegas. They got a good
>core remaining, though. Dewanna and Alyssa gotta step up.

I think their window has closed. It's too bad because they had a great squad. Bonner is one of my favorites to watch.

>Indiana Fever: Well, you got Ms. Boston...that's a start.
>Gonna be lean times, though.

They've been terrible for a loooong time. They gotta start making things happen.

>NY Liberty: Yall know how I feel about Jonquel Jones, so I'll
>try not to gush. That would be a HUGE get, anywhere,
>anytime...but adding Stewie AND CVS (I just made that up) is
>overkill. I don't see how this team doesn't win 25-30 games.

LOL! I like CVS! I'mma start using that. This team is a juggernaut. Only thing that can stop them is bad chemistry. I got my eye on Han Xu too. Word on the street is that she actually grew another inch or 2.

>Washington Mystics: EDD says this is the strongest she's been
>in a long time. She had a moment in the playoffs where she
>had it all going. She's 33, but she's got a lot of hoops left
>if her body holds up.

EDD has legit game but she cannot stay healthy. She's on that Zion Williamson.

>Western Conference:
>Dallas Wings: Arike gets some help with Natash Howard coming
>in. Gonna be a long season, though. Diamond DeShileds and
>Lou Lopez Senechal set to miss major time with knee injuries.

I'm a big Diamnd DeShields fan but injuries are taking big chunks out of her career. Arike is still a killer,

>Las Vegas Aces: Breaking: Really good team adds really good
>players. Candace Parker and Alysha Clark come into a LOADED
>locker room. The Dearica stuff is a bummer. For her part,
>Becky says she in no way ever bullied Dearica while she was
>pregnant. Neither her suspension nor the 2025 draft pick loss
>will affect them on the court.

They may be the only squad that can hang with NY. And I agree, the Dearica stuff is a real letdown. I don't think they'll let it affect them on the court though. We'll have to see.

>Los Angeles Sparks: Curt Miller left the Sun, where it seemed
>he just couldn't get over the hump, to go back to the first
>WNBA org he ever worked for. He says he is a team builder.
>He damn well better be. Nneka, Chiney, the aforementioned
>Hamby and Katie Lou Samuelson give him a decent start.

I think Miller is one of the better coaches in the league. I think he's gonna have LA looking up.

>Minnesota Lynx: Sylvia gone. SALUTE! Napheesa back for a
>full season and Diamond Miller was drafted #2 out of Maryland.
> Gonna be some lean times in Minny.

Yeah, they're in serious rebuild mode.

>Phoenix Mercury: BRITT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Apparantly DT been working her ass off and is in amazing
>condition. Cool. No Skylar as she will be out indefinitely
>with the birth of her 2nd child. Mercury are guard heavy,
>though. A lot of meat on the bone, there.

Glad to see BG back. I keep thinking DT is gonna fall off but she keeps bringing it. old girl is timeless.

>Seattle Storm: It's a new day, breh! (c)Tupac in Above the
>Sue gone. Stewie gone. I do love, love, love the Ezi Mags
>and Kia Nurse signings. Kia was a dawg before she tore her
>ACL and missed an entire season.

Co-sign this. I'm a Kia Nurse fan too (she looks like she could be Drake's sister). I hope she can rise above the injuries and show us something.