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Topic subjectShould Udoka have waited?
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2790721, Should Udoka have waited?
Posted by allStah, Mon May-15-23 03:37 AM
He is an outstanding coach in my opinion, but it’s going to be a tough task
coaching a highly young and inexperienced team in the Houston Rockets.
And Kevin Porter is a huge knucklehead.

Bucks and Suns both have a coaching vacancy, and I imagine the Sixers will have one
soon. All three teams have the pieces in place to compete for a championship. Had Udoka
waited he would have easily been the top candidate for any one of those vacancies.

However, no one can predict or forecast the future, so I’m sure he was just eager to get
back into the NBA. So once the Houston job became vacant, he immediately jumped on

I’m not saying he will not have success in Houston, but it’s going to be a tall, tall task…
but if anyone can do it, he can.