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Topic subjectShould Udoka have waited?
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2790721, Should Udoka have waited?
Posted by allStah, Mon May-15-23 03:37 AM
He is an outstanding coach in my opinion, but it’s going to be a tough task
coaching a highly young and inexperienced team in the Houston Rockets.
And Kevin Porter is a huge knucklehead.

Bucks and Suns both have a coaching vacancy, and I imagine the Sixers will have one
soon. All three teams have the pieces in place to compete for a championship. Had Udoka
waited he would have easily been the top candidate for any one of those vacancies.

However, no one can predict or forecast the future, so I’m sure he was just eager to get
back into the NBA. So once the Houston job became vacant, he immediately jumped on

I’m not saying he will not have success in Houston, but it’s going to be a tall, tall task…
but if anyone can do it, he can.
2790723, NO
Posted by Johnny, Mon May-15-23 06:28 AM

take what's available and offered to you
rebuild your rep/name
who knows if those jobs would even be offered to him
2790724, Agreed its highly unlikely that a black would get a high profile job…
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon May-15-23 06:49 AM
coming out his situation Houston was probably the best he was going to do a young team with some solid pieces and a shot at VW.

It will be interesting to see what couches get those Phx, Mil, Toronto, Philly? jobs

Will it be retreats? Will Sam Cassell get shot? Will it be the next young white analytics guru?
2790740, Would have loved for him to replace Doc.
Posted by KnowOne, Mon May-15-23 09:04 AM
2790774, that *would've* been a good look for Philly, I'm sure Udoka is thinking...
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon May-15-23 10:59 AM
about all these jobs opening up but after almost being out of coaching he had to almost take the first thing offered
2790775, that would have been a great fit.
Posted by Reeq, Mon May-15-23 11:16 AM
2790950, Hell yeah he should’ve waited
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue May-16-23 02:54 PM
hindsight is 20/20 but the chances of a better gig opening up were high

Imget he is just trying to rebuild his rep but I think more teams would’ve given him a shot.

2790952, black coaches can't get cute
Posted by ThaTruth, Tue May-16-23 03:04 PM
2790954, its not cute, its business
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue May-16-23 03:54 PM
I don’t blame him for jumping at the first offer but I bet he is like “cotdamn” after seeing teams dump coaches
2790956, You know what I mean, different league but look at Leftwich…
Posted by ThaTruth, Tue May-16-23 04:28 PM
he went from not take the Jacksonville job because he didn’t like the GM to out of the league in a year
2791026, Udoka has an NBA Final and was suspended for fucking
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue May-16-23 08:38 PM
had nothing to do with coaching or lackluster results.

2791120, and a team moved away from hiring him bc of the said fucking
Posted by Cenario, Wed May-17-23 09:38 AM
Udoka is 45...could be coaching for the next 20+ years or so. Spending 4 years in Houston ain't like he's wasting his prime years or anything. He can rebuild his rep whether or not the Rox suck. Or if he's actually as good as we all expect...he can have the Rox exceeding expectations.
2791127, yeah.. Boston moved away from him
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-17-23 09:56 AM
but I think more teams would have called because he is a good coach.

if he turns the Rockets around then sure.. but if he doesn’t because they don’t have the talent..

just sayin’

can’t tell the future but Sixers would’ve called him the moment the buzzer sounded in Boston.

2791153, the team i was referring to was Brooklyn
Posted by Cenario, Wed May-17-23 11:39 AM
2790955, Not unless he’s psychic
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue May-16-23 04:07 PM
2791031, .
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue May-16-23 08:44 PM