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Topic subjectNoC was decent. but surprisingly slow & dull at time
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2792305, NoC was decent. but surprisingly slow & dull at time
Posted by mrhood75, Sat May-27-23 09:14 PM
Aside from the matches the were already under 10 minutes, all of the others could have had 5-10 minutes trimmed off of them.

Brock vs. Cody was the match of the night. Gunther vs. Ali did what it needed to do and I dug it. Didn't love Asuka vs. Bianca (aside from the finish), but it was time to take the belt off of Belair. Rollins vs. Styles was solid enough, but five minutes shorter should have been the move.

As for the main event, I liked the beginning (all the intros, the Zayn reaction/talking to the crowd in Arabic, the Zayn vs. Roman face-off) and the end (basically starting a minute or two before the ref bump). Otherwise, it my least favorite match of the parties involved facing off against each other. Don't get me wrong, the psychology and the "character work" was all top notch. And Heyman was fucking gold, especially with his facial expressions and mannerisms towards the end. But the match dragged. I understand why they decided to slow things down, and why Zayn played Ricky Morton for most of the match, but it made the middle portion a chore. I also get why Solo was the one who took the fall (Roman again gets to blame everyone except himself on Friday), but the Tribal Chief should have eaten the pin.

They are indeed advancing the Bloodline story in a very interesting direction. But they're playing with fire if they kept trying to hold off the pay-off until Wrestlemania. Roman really should lose the belt at Summerslam.