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Topic subjectWell, not Cole, as Punk is a friend of his.
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2792268, Well, not Cole, as Punk is a friend of his.
Posted by mrhood75, Fri May-26-23 04:12 PM
And of most of the guys you mentioned, listed, truthfully. But I figure that was your point.

But yeah, I was talking about the "locker room" in the abstract sense, but it would really be an informal version of what you listed described below, philosophy vs. philosophy. And Jericho, at least on the mic, would be best at expressing the grievances that the Elite/Best Friends/California clique faction have with Punk.

>my head hurts contemplating these things. the closest this
>should come is to be like Ric Flair talking about how it makes
>Jim Crockett sick to pay him such obscene amounts of money,
>but he knows he has to because Flair is the man

Which is basically what MJF is doing now. Without the "threats" of leaving for WWE.