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Topic subjecti just had a thought
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2792262, i just had a thought
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri May-26-23 02:13 PM
there actually might be a thing worth doing here

but its not something the ppl in charge would have the stomach for

give Punk FTR, Wardlow, Starks, Hobbs, The Acclaimed, Andrade, Jade, and Thunder Rosa. their audience all knows those people have relationships, and make it about philosophy vs philosophy. let them be the avatars for people like me, the only people who can draw real heat (digital tho it may be) from AEW fans.

let them run absolutely rough shod for the next year. i mean dominant. DOMINANT.

then at DoN next year, do what WCW should have done at Starrcade 97

-Page beats Punk for the World title
-Bucks beat FTR in #5 of their trilogy for the tag belts
-Britt takes the title off Thunder Rosa
-Anna Jay beats Jade for Jades first loss
-Darby Allen beats Wardlow for the TNT title
-Omega/Takeshita/Kota Ibushi beat Starks/Hobbs/Swerve for the Trios
-Jack Perry beats Andrade for the AAC