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Topic subjectI saw that a couple of hours after I posted. It's... weird.
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2792224, I saw that a couple of hours after I posted. It's... weird.
Posted by mrhood75, Thu May-25-23 10:26 PM
I know your feelings on Cassidy, but I actually think that they're telling a good story here: Over-matched slacker wins the belt, and then defends it against a stream of bigger, stronger, and/or more technically skilled opponents. He's forced to find a way to use his wits to find ways to win, but gets more injured and worn down in the process. This proceeds until he's ripe for the picking, and eventually gets smashed by the right guy to loose the belt. Then takes a break for a while.

I figured that the pay-off would be at this PPV, especially with the number of guys who hadn't been around for a while and the impending launch of Collison. Then I saw the list of participants and saw clearly all the Ari Davari/Big Bill types. Which I was not expecting.

You might be able to pull off the above ending with Sabian, who I believe was the first person Cassidy defended the belt against. There aren't a lot of likely winners otherwise, seeing as Swerve & Lee and Starks & Bullet Club are there to further their own angles. Or any number of the guys I mentioned earlier could end up being "surprise" entrants.

They could also have Cassidy run the gauntlet and win, eliminating the Best Friends and Bandido, and then have Miro/Pac/Andrade/Osprey return later that night or at the Wednesday Dynamite and squash Cassidy like a bug.