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Topic subjectRE: I finally started to sour on the Bloodline Saga
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2792158, RE: I finally started to sour on the Bloodline Saga
Posted by MaxPtah, Thu May-25-23 08:06 AM
>I don't want to hate watch stuff like so many
>innanet folks apparently love to do. I trust them to heat
>stuff up mighty nice by Summerfest at the latest so it'll be
>fine. I'm gonna play street fighter and sleep a little more.

Yeah, I've spot watched since Mania. Things are a bit predictable between the big 4 so around July is when I'll probably start to try being a bit more consistent with watching

>And as for AEW, I want to be woken up when Phil is back. Until
>then, all of the speculation, postering, and shenanigans ain't
>it for me. I was over all of that when he was gone for all of
>those years the first time. And still, I smiled for 30 minutes
>at his return promo on Rampage. It was obviously a great time,
>a good get, and a on-brand as hell in the best way possible
>promo. And I watched it at least 4x over 3 days. I don't
>expect anything like that again, but I'll be glad to see him
>if he gets back and he can convince me that he's excited to be
>there and get back to it (and hopefully not get hurt again).

I'm so far gone from AEW its a shame. If it wasn't for this board I would've forgotten MJF was champ. I know I'll eventually get back into it but I'm ok with not watching it right now.