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Topic subjectRE: I finally started to sour on the Bloodline Saga
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2792153, RE: I finally started to sour on the Bloodline Saga
Posted by jimaveli, Wed May-24-23 08:01 PM
>Until Friday when Roman bumped into Solo and gave him that
>look then realized what he did. That small, minute, detail is
>what I've liked about Roman during this whole time. His
>actions/facial expressions tell more of the story than his
>words and matches. I didn't plan on watching NoC at all, but
>now I'm interested to see the finish of the tag title match.

Yep. Roman and them are gonna make faces, make their Umanga-like cousin, and good times will be had.

But yeah, I'm at the point now where I'm back to not watching every weekly show anymore. I'm picking my spots and trying to make sure I see the major stuff. I'm not even sure they're doing anything majorly wrong per se, but I know I cooled off on my end and I don't want to hate watch stuff like so many innanet folks apparently love to do. I trust them to heat stuff up mighty nice by Summerfest at the latest so it'll be fine. I'm gonna play street fighter and sleep a little more.

And as for AEW, I want to be woken up when Phil is back. Until then, all of the speculation, postering, and shenanigans ain't it for me. I was over all of that when he was gone for all of those years the first time. And still, I smiled for 30 minutes at his return promo on Rampage. It was obviously a great time, a good get, and a on-brand as hell in the best way possible promo. And I watched it at least 4x over 3 days. I don't expect anything like that again, but I'll be glad to see him if he gets back and he can convince me that he's excited to be there and get back to it (and hopefully not get hurt again).