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Topic subjectlook at Starks and ol' Switchblade doing real pro wrestling
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2791225, look at Starks and ol' Switchblade doing real pro wrestling
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed May-17-23 10:04 PM
that was fuckin awesome

Ricky Starks FINALLY with something to sink his teeth into, and Jay White has successfully made me care. Juice Robinson made me care a long time ago just by looking like a fucking derelict, but I was apprehensive about Jay White. Was afraid he would irritate me in the ways Will Ospreay irritated me on occasion, but he doesnt.

A-tier TV match, highlighted by a finish that the fans didnt know how to react to. Too smarky to be happy about seeing the beleaguered babyface take the law into his own hands and run off the cheaters singlehandedly I guess, but I for one am already looking forward to getting mad about these dickheads crowing about Jay White's big win, fair and square.

Ive been saying it for like 3 years...they need a LOT more of this. This is the foundation for heat. Well done all around.