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Topic subjectOKPW Summer: WWE Backlash to AEW Double or Nothing
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2789353, OKPW Summer: WWE Backlash to AEW Double or Nothing
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat May-06-23 07:45 PM
this Puerto Rican crowd is fucking great

they were on 11 last night for the best ep of TV since Mania, and they seem to have found another gear tonight. theyre treating Belair-Sky like its an NWA title match, and theyve decide Iyo Sky is their woman. incredible energy.

Cody's promo last night convinced me to not even ask my mom to babysit for this bday party and just send my wife with my regards.

havent watched much Dynamite without heavy fast forward lately but ive seen enough to know that Jungle Boy is NEVER going to happen. never ever ever ever.