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2789434, agreed on this part
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun May-07-23 10:11 AM
> the idea that you can read his soul
>from this is stupid.

Making sweeping generalizations based on intonation is silly. All we know is this one incident. But IMO the incident was so completely offensive and inexplicable that it warrants firing.

If the word just came out wrong then why wouldn't he immediately have corrected himself and apologized?

Was he drunk or impaired in some way?

Best case (and most unlikely) scenario is that he's just wildly incompetent in which case having him as the voice of a MLB team and tv station in a live televised broadcast poses an enormous risk. Not like there aren't hundreds of other capable up and coming announcers out there who would jump at the chance for that gig. And who could figure out a way to make it through a telecast without using the N word. Next.