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2789431, Wrong…
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun May-07-23 06:36 AM
>smh. they are both "forbidden" words. one is used pretty much
>ONLY in this context, both otherwise stay on the do-not-say
>list. so neither exactly rolls off the tongue for a guy who
>talks publicly for a living. i'll add out that "ih" is a much
>lower effort phoneme than "eeh" and "er" is easier to say than
>"oh". try it and see how much your mouth has to move for both.

For someone that talks about professional baseball for a living he’s probably talked about the Negro Leagues multiple times.

With the ease that he said the other word it’s obvious that it’s not new to his vocabulary either.

>imo, this is an absurd reason for someone to lose their job
>(if that happens). i have no idea how often he has said the
>word in his life prior to this and neither does anyone else in
>this thread. this is not someone screaming slurs on twitch,
>it's clearly a mistake. the idea that you can read his soul
>from this is stupid.
>i know nothing about the guy. is there any prior evidence of
>him being racist?

He should definitely lose his job. The Oakland A’s are a wrap anyway I doubt if that dude was going to Vegas.