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Topic subjectas if the two words don't sound anything alike
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2789429, as if the two words don't sound anything alike
Posted by fif, Sun May-07-23 02:12 AM
smh. they are both "forbidden" words. one is used pretty much ONLY in this context, both otherwise stay on the do-not-say list. so neither exactly rolls off the tongue for a guy who talks publicly for a living. i'll add out that "ih" is a much lower effort phoneme than "eeh" and "er" is easier to say than "oh". try it and see how much your mouth has to move for both.

imo, this is an absurd reason for someone to lose their job (if that happens). i have no idea how often he has said the word in his life prior to this and neither does anyone else in this thread. this is not someone screaming slurs on twitch, it's clearly a mistake. the idea that you can read his soul from this is stupid.

i know nothing about the guy. is there any prior evidence of him being racist?