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Topic subjectwhy they ask him about Kaep?
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2777566, why they ask him about Kaep?
Posted by Beamer6178, Fri Dec-02-22 10:02 PM
>if he wanted to speak on it, he should just speak on it.
>Acting all high and mighty and condescending towards these
>writers is corny, if it was Robert Sarver or Donald Sterling,
>they would have (and Im pretty sure they did) ask him about
>it. They dont cover the NFL or the cowboys, so I dont
>understand what he's so miffed about.
>Kyrie is an idiot anyway, he should be distancing himself from
>that guy, not coming to his defense
or any other of the dumb shit they ask athletes?

I love Bron for this, because these motherfuckers were out here trying to let shit walk like 60 years for a man who has moved as a plantation owner SINCE that incident is somehow "too long ago to judge."

Shannon started talking as soon as Bron did. Maybe he was waiting for him to say it to make his point that he told Skilpf.

Next week may be interesting.