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Topic subjectnothing can be, really
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2777219, nothing can be, really
Posted by Beamer6178, Mon Nov-28-22 01:58 PM
>..Jones literally stood on the wrong side of history.
>His response to the photo and its current rounds in the media
>suggest that he didn't understand the ramifications of his
>actions then OR now.

another reason why the media is so trash.

as someone else said, his football coach TOLD players to stay away (which actually reflects not too badly on the coach since he rathered them not be involved than to be part of the fuckery) because they knew something big was happening. the whole damn TOWN knew what was happening. he was fortunate enough to not be seen acting, but he didn't just drift there by happenstance.

guess the other plantation owners are checking their old portrait albums to see what they were pictured doing. you can almost guarantee Bob McNair, whether pictured or not, partook in similar activities.

I seriously just wish Black people would SHUT THE FUCK UP and let white people answer for their goddamned selves. For serious that is the strongest feeling this whole situation gives me.