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Topic subjectRE: I know you're referring to the heavy minutes usage
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2791214, RE: I know you're referring to the heavy minutes usage
Posted by Castro, Wed May-17-23 08:27 PM
I am complete agreement. I would rather see 18 and 8 from him than 27 and 5. If we have an actual offense to run, I envision Grimes getting more looks, Randle being able to get the ball on the move and score, and less ISO. Also, I would like to see Mitch or iHart or Jericho have something they can do in the paint besides crash the boards and set picks.

I would be perfectly happy with Johnnie or Monty taking over. Don't want Nurse or Budenholzer or any more Thibs. Don't want Doc, don't want any other retreads. I want to keep Randle. I want Rose to go somewhere he can play regularly (Fournier too). Onward and upward.