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Topic subjectI know you're referring to the heavy minutes usage
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2791111, I know you're referring to the heavy minutes usage
Posted by Numba_33, Wed May-17-23 08:59 AM
>without him ruining Brunson like he did D Rose.

which is something to be concerned with for sure, and as I type this, I'm realizing this might be too much to ask of Thibs, but I'm hoping the coaching staff will look to make Brunson more of a distributor than a scoring threat. Given how Brunson plays by going to the hole with his hesitation moves and the lack of spacing due to the lack of three point threats, I fear he's going to be constantly banged up during the course of the 82 game regular season, which will naturally make things harder for him come playoff time.

Hopefully Johnnie Bryant realizes this as well and is game planning for this as I type out this response; similar to how he made Randle chuck up more three pointers this regular season to open up his game in the half-court.