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Topic subjectAs exposed as he was in the Miami series
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2790905, As exposed as he was in the Miami series
Posted by Numba_33, Tue May-16-23 12:02 PM
and painfully so as it was annoying seeing the Knicks over-react by using double teams to leave Miami open for three pointers, there's only two ways for Thibs to get the axe; Brunson will for some reason become a diva and demand Thibs' head or the Knicks will fall flat on their face the start of next season and Leon Rose will eject Thibs from the Garden as a scapegoat.

One thing I'm slightly curious about is if Randle does in fact get traded, I'd love to see what wrinkles Johnnie Bryant will add to the Knicks offense. I read that he was the reason Randle started launching more three pointers in the regular season, which really opened up his half court offense.

Next season will be a time of cautious optimism for me; a large part of that will depend on what the Knicks do this off-season to improve the roster of course. One thing for certain is that I'm going to watch RJ Barrett like a hawk to see if the post-season improvements will continue in the regular season. That's assuming of course the Knicks don't trade him this off-season; time will tell.