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2790861, POST MORT....
Posted by Castro, Mon May-15-23 10:06 PM
We reached our absolute ceiling with Thibs...I thought there was possibility for more based on the baby steps Thibs took in making adjustments to his rigid program, but we saw the bald truth - when facing a coach who makes adjustments in game, with both personnel and strategy, Thibs cannot keep up.

That being said, we are in a great position. Our core is young, our bench is a mix of young and old, and we have draft picks and decent salaries that we can trade or remain competitive by growing the team together.

The verdict for me remains the same. Thibs' time is up. Honestly, he overachieved this year pushing past a moment in December where I thought he was done, and we had a great run into the playoffs.

From a managerial standpoint, it would be irresponsible to keep him as coach because of what his coaching style does to players careers. The cautionary tale in regards to this sat at the end of our bench most of the season. Would like to see us add another Big and a Wing and add a coach with a modern offense and approach to dealing with our roster.
This could include promoting Johnnie Bryant and Dice Yoshimoto to coach and assistant coach, it could be Monty Williams coming back to NY, it could mean Mark Jackson coming home. But that for me is the first logical step towards building for a deeper run next season.