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Topic subjectSpolestra is playing chess, while Thibs is playing Uno.
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2789827, Spolestra is playing chess, while Thibs is playing Uno.
Posted by Numba_33, Tue May-09-23 10:15 AM
The constant overall committal to double teaming to wing players getting penetration leading to open three pointers has been killing the Knicks. That and not being able to handle pick and role switching properly at the top of the wing.

As much as it pains me since this is Miami and all, but I have to tip my cap to Spolestra to manage to churn the Heat offense the way he has, especially since Herro has been out.

The fact both Brunson and Randle are poor wing defenders in terms of defending players looking to penetrate should be factored as well since that isn't Thibs' fault at all.