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Topic subjectUpdate - Spo is kicking THIBS in the nuts. Repeatedly.
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2789423, Update - Spo is kicking THIBS in the nuts. Repeatedly.
Posted by Castro, Sun May-07-23 12:25 AM
All Thibs has to do is put Hart back on the bench. IQ is injured so the rotation has to change anyway. Fournier and D-Rose and Deuce are waiting to play. You have nothing to lose (except your job)....so stop worrying about your comb over and stop watching ROCKY 2 and saying you are watching "FILM"...and look at which lineups did the best when we beat Miami during the season. I am pretty sure its the lineup you are NOT using right now. LOL.

SPO has only had to go in his bag twice to outwit Thibs. First trick is that wall around Brunson in the lane...the second is the early fouls on Mitch and Jules to mitigate Bully Ball. We won game 2 because well shit, after Jimmy Butler is out, you are basically playing against Bam and two spot starters and everyone else is second or third unit guys.

We can still win this series. Thibs has to show some emotional maturity we have not seen before and put his pride down and let Johnny Bryant design the next game plan.