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Topic subjectNever in my wildest dreams
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2788355, Never in my wildest dreams
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Apr-27-23 08:11 AM
did I think this could possibly turn into a Knicks post-season post, but so it shall be.

Before I get into the upcoming Heat series, however this post-season turns out, I am so completely and blissfully happy to see RJ Barrett finally start to turn the corner on his offensive attacks. It looks as if he is finally starting to feel confident and comfortable attacking downhill and either looking to score or even better, make the correct passes to open teammates. I am finally starting to have some degree of optimism in Barrett's future.

Now onto the Heat series; as disappointing as it was to see the Bucks not extend their series with the Heat to gave Randle and Grimes more rest for their respective injuries, the Knicks have to deal with the cards they are dealt with. While everyone is going to focus on the Butler matchup, I think the two keys for the series will be how be what Bam does against the Knicks front court and how well the Knicks defend three pointers. In terms of three pointers, I'm going to assume Spoelstra is going to want Butler to break down the Knicks wing defenders to draw double teams to get open three pointers, along with Butler trying to draw fouls as that was his bread and butter in the regular season in terms of scoring. I'm also going to assume Spoelstra is going to get Bam to attack Mitchell Robinson from the wing or high post to test his lateral movement defensively and more importantly, get him the hell away from the paint to limit his rebounding domination that occurred in the Cavs series. Those are going to be two aspects of the Heat attack I will focus on. I'm going to assume Butler will go nuclear and I'll be perfectly fine with that as long as no one else on the Heat scores with ease, regularity, and more importantly doesn't get the Knicks in foul trouble.

Should be great basketball regardless. Can't wait to see how this series will add to the Heat/Knicks rivalry.