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Topic subject44 wins with 7 games to go.
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2785857, 44 wins with 7 games to go.
Posted by Castro, Wed Mar-29-23 10:27 PM
I am not concerned about the 50 wins, because I stated that was with proper coaching. We gave away several games because Thibs didn't want to play certain guys.

Now we are on the cusp of the second season, and we are a fifth seed. Nice.

Randle just went down with an injury tonight, and Brunson just came back from his second injury stint in the past two months.

Meanwhile Jrue put up 51 and Giannis put up a 38 point triple double and neither one of them played as many minutes as RJ or Grimes. Those few minutes add up over the course of a season, and they are the price of Thibs neverending hubris.

Now, Obi Toppin should be starting at the four, but played 17 minutes off the bench after Jules left the game. The brilliance of Grimes and IQ led the Knicks to win, but these judgement lapses, for whatever contrivance that gets mumbled to the press, will be the Knicks undoing to what could be a magic run in the post season. And the critics will say, "THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE" when its really, "HE IS HIM. AND HE IS THE SAME HIM THAT HE WAS ELSEWHERE."

All that to say, even at this juncture, we took a step forward, and I don't take it for granted. It has been a blast watching the games this year. Hopefully we get another month or so.