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Topic subjectI hope Dolan's NY State dealings
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2785284, I hope Dolan's NY State dealings
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Mar-20-23 10:14 AM
don't become a distraction for the team. Things could potentially get hotter for Dolan as either NY State could actually make Dolan pay city property taxes for MSG or the State Liquor board could actually pull the liquor licenses for Dolan's properties because of the moronic surveillance nonsense he's pulling. If either of both occur, I don't doubt for a second he'll be in the press more to try to make himself to look like a victim and potentially smear State elected officials.

The worse thing about Dolan is that the Knicks and Rangers make him way too much money for him to even think for a second of selling either franchise just based on revenue he gets for TV rights.