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Topic subject41-30. Quite unexpected. Jalen's on the mend.
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2784918, 41-30. Quite unexpected. Jalen's on the mend.
Posted by Castro, Wed Mar-15-23 03:24 AM
Relatively soft schedule to end the season. (Wizards, Pelicans, Pacers twice), so we could go into the post season with some momentum.

We were peaking, then Jalen got injured. Silver lining is Deuce has caught fire and hopefully this keeps him in this so called 9 man rotation. I think Milwaukee is the only team we struggle with in the east if we are at full health. Julius has shown some signs of reverting to dumb ass Jules again, and this is part of why Brunson is so transformative for this team- he has refused to defer to Randle unless it made sense in the moment. I still think he shoots too much for a PG, but I can't argue with the results both from his production and from how Randle plays when he is on the court.

Josh Hart has taken our bench from solid to downright dangerous. They score in bunches, and recently have been erasing leads taken by opponents and extending our leads in the second half. The window is JUST opening for this team, and I am hoping Thibs doesn't fuck it up.