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Topic subjectI was watching F1 racing yesterday
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2776241, I was watching F1 racing yesterday
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Nov-14-22 04:10 PM
because I assumed the Knicks would win this game in easy fashion. I saw box score alerts from my phone that the Knicks were down at the half and game up over 70 points after being up by either 10 or 12 at the end of the first quarter. The alerts I got on my phone kept on getting worse and worse.

I just learned that this Josh kid actually got a triple double in addition to SJA completely schooling the Knicks. That triple double is making me borderline as angry as if I sat down and watched the game. Bad offense is one thing I can somewhat understand because of the relative lack of talent the Knicks have. The terrible defensive schemes, especially at defending three point attempts, is a whole other matter altogether. That to me shouldn't happen on a consistent basis. I wonder if this season will be even worse than last season. It's hopefully too early to panic, but terrible defensive effort aggravates me to no end.