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Topic subjectStarting Five: Brunson, Fournier, Barrett, Randle and Robinson
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2774133, Starting Five: Brunson, Fournier, Barrett, Randle and Robinson
Posted by Castro, Sun Oct-16-22 06:12 PM
The investment in RJ and Mitch's development over the last few years is going to start paying real dividends this year. Brunson is working hard to show he is worth the nine figure investment made by the front office. Fournier had a great year amidst the dumpster fire ignited by Thibs, and continued that into the summer, leading France to the Euro finals. Randle already looks a ton better with a real point guard running the show, moving the ball and making better decisions when he has the ball, but the eye ball metrics -body language and hustle are the key, or as Jules from Pulp Fiction asked, "DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?". So far he doesn't: Jules and the rest of the starting five outscored their opponents 266-200 in the minutes they were together on the floor during the preseason, best in the league (PRESEASON!)

Our bench is vicious, point blank. A rested Derrick Rose, a muscled up IQ, a ready for stardom (and starters type minutes) Obi Toppin, new Outside/In big man Isaiah Hartenstein and rebound/Oop machine Jericho Sims give the Knickerbockers a monster second unit that can run, defend and score in bunches.

Question Marks: Quentin Grimes - we saw enough last season to know that this kid can be a starter and possible allstar...but health health health. Hoping the trainers can get him to the point where these nagging injuries are addressed. If he is healthy, our 2 spot is set. Cam Reddish is a bigger question mark, and although he is capable of doing things we see A-list all stars doing its inconsistent not to mention that nagging injuries continue to derail him. It was the same story in Atlanta. Stay tuned.

Can I get a run? Deuce McBride is my guy. Deuce was supposedly Thibs' guy. But the young'un is stuck at fourth on the depth chart for point guards. He defends better than all of them, but shooting and the skills to be a starting PG seem to be in his grasp one game and out the next. But at this point, he is way better than Frank Ntilikina was so I hope he gets more time on court this year. Feron Hunt was an absolute monster during summer league, but until the Cam situation is resolved, I think its going to be hard for him to get any real time.

Thibs: the beard ain't changing shit. Win or take the New Haven line north in December.