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Topic subjectKeegan Murray will bring glory back to Sacramento
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2769604, Keegan Murray will bring glory back to Sacramento
Posted by allStah, Wed Jul-20-22 02:23 PM
MVP of the summer league!

Only player to shoot over 50pct and over 40 pct from 3.

Dude is just beyond efficient with outstanding defense
on the other end.

Get in now, no new friends when the season starts.
2769605, You didn’t say anything though…
Posted by bentagain, Wed Jul-20-22 03:19 PM
MVP by year 3…?
Chip by year 5…?

The 4th overall pick being good at basketball isn’t news
That’s worth as much as Sacramento’s glory…seriously, WTF is that exactly…?
Based on recent history, he’ll get his numbers on a cellar dwellar and then get traded
LOL@Sacramento glory…Mitch Richmond wept.

I fully support agendas like this…but say it with your chest (c)
2769606, He is my pick for rookie of the year, and
Posted by allStah, Wed Jul-20-22 03:32 PM
I’m going to go 16/8, shooting 50 pct and 40 pct from 3.
Avg 1 block a game, and 1 steal a game.

He will put up some serious double/doubles.

AllStar before or by year 5, and Sac will make the POs or PI
2769621, I approve this message
Posted by bentagain, Thu Jul-21-22 07:26 AM
I haven't had a chance to see him play yet
I don't think SAC played PHL in the summer league
But, legit NBA players differentiate themselves from G league players in summer league
They just stand out.
Kid did his thing, no doubt
That should translate
... but it's also the Kings
2769627, lol that's ultimately where I fall
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jul-21-22 11:32 AM

>... but it's also the Kings

Unless dude is Hall of Famer good, it's going to be borderline impossible to meaningfully turn around that shitshow.
2769629, I can’t wait to up this...talking to Frankie.
Posted by allStah, Thu Jul-21-22 11:44 AM
Let me go hibernate until then.

: )
2769635, Hey, I said he'd be good, lol.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jul-21-22 12:53 PM
It just fucking sucks when you're on the Kings. It's less about Murray skepticism and more about Kings skepticism.

That said, I'm still absolutely skeptical that he'll have Chris Webber level impact right away. That'd be insane, and if that happens, all the credit goes to you.
2769661, ... bring glory "back"?
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Thu Jul-21-22 05:55 PM
when was there glory in Sacramento to begin with?
2769663, *cackles*
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Jul-21-22 06:37 PM
2769666, Last time they were in the playoffs
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Jul-21-22 07:03 PM
Lebron was in the playoffs for the first time.
2769673, Apparently no active player has beaten the Kings in the playoffs
Posted by Cenario, Fri Jul-22-22 08:59 AM
bc no active player has played the kings in the playoffs.
2769674, I think it’s only Bron, Melo, CP3 and Dwight
Posted by Ryan M, Fri Jul-22-22 09:53 AM
That we’re in the league in ‘06 when the kings were last in the playoffs. Wild.
2769669, Agreed. Just like how Jimmy Butler lead Miami to a chip
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jul-21-22 07:44 PM

2776758, Receipts
Posted by allStah, Tue Nov-22-22 12:15 AM
2776759, Kid does a lot of dirty work.
Posted by allStah, Tue Nov-22-22 12:20 AM
getting 30 mins a game, avg 12, shooting 44pct/ 35 pct from 3….those numbers
will only go up.

Brought in a winning attitude…

6 game winning steak where they beat the Cavs, Dubs and Nets

5th in the west!
2776769, Yep. And Mike Brown is special
Posted by Amritsar, Tue Nov-22-22 11:51 AM
Got these guys bought in. In hindsight the core was always strong, they just needed a coach like this to come in with a defensive mindset

Kings better not fuck this up like they did Malone
2781271, facts. it's two fold with the Kings
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Jan-22-23 01:59 PM
Warriors-style offensive system (why they traded for Sabonis and Huerter, added Monk) + Jokic style hub (Sabonis).

Brown took that experience in Golden State, with the Nigerian team, came to a situation in SAC (with Alvin Gentry upstairs) and spun gold.

He's had that defensive game for years. He's worked with the best in the business.
2780720, Yup…on that PO road, son
Posted by allStah, Sat Jan-14-23 12:07 AM
Keegan getting starting mins and doing defensive and offensive work.
2781109, Chillin chillin…
Posted by allStah, Thu Jan-19-23 03:05 AM
2782365, This guy is going to become the greatest 3 pt
Posted by allStah, Tue Feb-07-23 03:38 AM
shooter of all time.

2783727, Get your weight up!
Posted by allStah, Fri Feb-24-23 04:24 PM
2784478, Whole board taking Ls
Posted by allStah, Wed Mar-08-23 03:32 AM
2785863, Dude made NBA history last night.
Posted by allStah, Thu Mar-30-23 05:21 AM
He broke the record for most 3 point shots made by a rookie!

2786486, They won the pacific..boom!
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-06-23 11:33 AM
Frankie, who loves you?
2786945, COTY!
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-13-23 04:50 PM
2787718, where he been?
Posted by Reeq, Fri Apr-21-23 05:07 PM
2787725, 2-1
Posted by allStah, Fri Apr-21-23 06:13 PM
2788001, 2-2
Posted by Reeq, Mon Apr-24-23 04:52 PM
he finally decided to show up tho.
2788317, :)
Posted by Reeq, Wed Apr-26-23 11:41 PM
2788340, RE: :)
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-27-23 02:20 AM
You better be glad that fox’ finger is jacked
2788386, what does that have to do with keegan going missing in the 2nd half?
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-27-23 11:26 AM
bro was just out there for cardio.
2788395, my bad he didnt get up a single shot after the 1st quarter.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-27-23 01:00 PM
2788592, Reeq, you forgot to up
Posted by allStah, Sat Apr-29-23 07:24 AM
2788594, he shot under 30% from the field.
Posted by Reeq, Sat Apr-29-23 07:34 AM
almost as bad as sabonis and huerter.
2788611, Lol
Posted by allStah, Sat Apr-29-23 03:09 PM
2788698, What a season.
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 05:08 PM
Made POs in his first season, will make the all
rookie team. Missed on rookie of the year.
Took the defending champs 7 games, just don’t have the

Excitement has been brought back to Sac town, and
the future is bright for this young squad.

Nobody else saw this coming (hi, Frank).
2788721, All Rookie team! Nice! Just like Brian Grant and Michael Smith!!
Posted by DJR, Sun Apr-30-23 08:57 PM
Sac-town glory is BACK!!
2788701, i wont rub it in i actually like dude.
Posted by Reeq, Sun Apr-30-23 05:22 PM
2788704, There is nothing you can rub in.
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 05:33 PM
Rookie. He overachieved and so did Sacramento…no one saw him or sac in this position
at the beginning of the season.

Warriors, defending champions, were taken to 7 games…who had that at the beginning
of the season? Warriors played for their lives

He even shot 50 pct and made some big plays in this series.

Kid has it on both sides of the ball and Sac is coming.

I predicted all this when he was drafted

This is a mad W.

Everyone on here, including FRANK, said that they would not even make the PI game this
2788710, you had a lot more bass in your voice just a day ago.
Posted by Reeq, Sun Apr-30-23 06:08 PM
ima leave it alone tho.
2788711, When don’t speak on here …so that’s impossible
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 06:15 PM
2788717, They had the fewest games lost to injury of any team in the league
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Apr-30-23 08:35 PM
They had advantages other teams didn’t have

Quick: Who am I?

You get one guess😘
2788718, He everyone, it’s the merchandiser
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 08:41 PM
2789050, Least amount of games lost to injuries and lost to a 6 seed
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed May-03-23 01:21 PM
Tell us more about this return to”glory”

The word you’re looking for is “relevance”

Not “glory”
2788719, He was a good third option shooter for them lol
Posted by Amritsar, Sun Apr-30-23 08:47 PM
The real cultural turn around in sac wasn’t the third option rookie who is a good three point shooter lol

It was bringing in sabonis and his chemistry with Fox. Malik Monk was also a key off the bench, and in my book , Is the sixth man of the year

Did you mention Mike Brown a single time throughout this shitty thread btw?
2788720, “Bring glory BACK to Sacramento”?! Back??!!
Posted by DJR, Sun Apr-30-23 08:55 PM
When was “glory” ever there in the first place?

2788722, Stop you’re making a fool of yourself
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 09:04 PM
They were highly successfully with Webber, etc, and were cheated
out of going to the championship in the worst officiated game in sports
history. Tim Donaghy even said that game was rigged.

Webber, Peja, Bibby ,white chocolate…They were one highly entertaining team.

They got back to the POs and competed at a high level…They are the future.

2788723, …..ok?!!?
Posted by DJR, Sun Apr-30-23 10:11 PM
They’re one of the least successful NBA franchises to ever exist.

Lmao at finding a couple good teams 20 years ago to cling to.

Get the fock outta here.

2788725, What?
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 10:39 PM

2nd in the pacific

1st in the pacific

1st in the pacific

2nd in the pacific

And they were cheated out of a chip

Please stop. You sound ridiculous. They were very successful in the early 2000

2788727, You picked their 3 good years out of…40?
Posted by DJR, Sun Apr-30-23 10:47 PM
Stop acting dumb.
2788730, A few good seasons and a fee playoff wins count as “glory”
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Apr-30-23 11:12 PM
This is the same dude that thinks the clippers WCF appearance somehow sons the Lakers 2020 chip😂
2788732, Hey considering they were cheated out of championship against
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 11:32 PM
the Lakers and all that Tim Dognaghy stuff…I say those were their glory years
and the best years out of the history of their franchise..hands down.

You’re just being silly at this point.

Go to bed..
2789049, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed May-03-23 01:20 PM
>the Lakers and all that Tim Dognaghy stuff…I say those were
>their glory years
>and the best years out of the history of their
>franchise..hands down.


Those were the best years of their franchise

But calling that “glory”?


As if there weren’t enough reasons not to take you seriously
2788731, 3 good years? They had 6
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 11:29 PM
Go to bed, man.

They actually had six straight winning seasons during that period….
The internet does exist all you have to do is look….instead of sounding

Plus they were cheated out of a chip…that was the most successful period
for their franchise. Those were their glory years or glory period for them

To pretend otherwise is just foolishness

2788729, Lol@your standards of “glory”😂😂😂😂
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Apr-30-23 11:11 PM
The only fool here is you
2789046, That aint glory but they were indeed cheated out of game 6.
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-03-23 01:10 PM
That shit was so blatant.. lol.
2788733, DJR take your L and go to BED
Posted by allStah, Sun Apr-30-23 11:57 PM
“Hardcore and casual fans alike can easily recall the glory days of Sacramento basketball, a fruitful 5-6 year run that consistently featured Peja Stojakovic swishing threes, Mike Bibby sinking clutch jumpers, Chris Webber racking up triple-doubles and ARCO Arena rocking like no other home venue in the league”


Notice the words GLORY DAYS…

5-6 year run…

Now take you ass to bed, get some rest to watch your trash ass team later.
2789048, you know that’s sarcasm..
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-03-23 01:11 PM
the few years when they had winning records and playoff appearances 20 years ago.

2789340, The Kings are one of the least successful franchises in sports history
Posted by DJR, Sat May-06-23 09:33 AM
Yes, I know they had some good teams with Webber. I was there. We all were. I really don’t care to remember it was 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 years…not the point and completely irrelevant.

I’m saying it’s weird to say “bringing back the glory years” about a franchise that hasn’t really had that.

That would apply to a franchise like….the Chicago Bulls. A franchise that has fallen on hard times, but once upon a time actually had some glory years. Or maybe like - the New York Islanders. Same situation.

The Kings….you’re talking about some playoff teams and a WCF, and some “yo, remember watching Jason Williams on League Pass in ‘99 when he was young and wild!!!” It’s just a weird thing to reference as “glory years” given how that term is typically applied.