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Topic subjectRE: shit pisses me off.
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2765036, RE: shit pisses me off.
Posted by pretentious username, Wed May-11-22 05:56 PM
> I can’t stand when a commentator insists
>>that one thing happened, and when the replay shows the
>>complete opposite happened, they kinda just shrug it off.
>i get that we are watching better angles then they are
>(although they do have monitors), but hearing them say some
>shit we know didn't happen and then they are just silent on
>the replay lol

Yeah, like we’re gonna forget what they JUST said about THAT specific play.

Plus, when a commentator acknowledges they were wrong, it makes me like them 10x more! Especially if they do it in a self-deprecating way. I feel like that’s more common on local baseball and basketball broadcasts. National commentators seem to have too much of an ego to be self-deprecating unless they have that kind of rapport with the other commentator.