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Topic subjectIs it me or does anyone else question if he'll be good?
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2764989, Is it me or does anyone else question if he'll be good?
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed May-11-22 02:27 AM
Brady obviously loves football. But he's said about 20 interesting things in the 20 years he's been in the league. He also doesn't strike as being charismatic or having an energetic personality, like Romo.

Plus calling games is a distinct skill. There's a reason very few people, play-by-play announcers included, are excellent at the job.

Some people are good out the gate. But most take time.

But I think the main selling point of the deal to Fox is having Tom as an ambassador to sponsors. Brady as an in-game analyst could be as compelling as watching eggshell white dry on drywall if he can sell ad slots and bring in sponsors to the show. I mean, I don't have a company, but I'd sign a 7 figure check to Fox to have Brady pretend to show interest in a 10-minute conversation.