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Topic subjectthe best thing about the Boody loss was the officiating.
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2756403, the best thing about the Boody loss was the officiating.
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Jan-24-22 06:47 AM
I'll be surprised if "taunting" survives the offseason as a rule, the same way they took away the ability to challenge pass interference.

there was someone who noted that the Young Hochuli crew was one of the most notorious flag throwers of the bunch. And there were a fair amount of flags thrown, only it was against Tampa.

Ndamukong Suh got a taunting flag that erased a negative down play. (Someone noted Suh was shouting about being kicked by Stafford).

HILARIOUSLY, BOODY got flagged for jawing at the refs because of a hit he took.

Those two above resulted in Rams TDs eventually.

But the icing on the cake was watching Boody do his James Harden grift of underthrowing someone down field to bait pass interference. the ball goes incomplete, and there's a flag. You're thinking it might be PI called, but it ended up being a dead ball foul on the Rams, which still gave them the ball on downs, but just backed them up.

(I do believe that was right before a Rams turnover, but that shit was still hilarious).

I was waiting for the Rams to "Vrabel" that game and just drain that clock before it got to a tie game, but the ending we got was even more hilarious.

Shout out to the Rams offensive line, I thought they'd be in trouble with a backup in there.