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Topic subjectRE: i hope rodgers exit from gb is messy af and the fans end up hating him.
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2756256, RE: i hope rodgers exit from gb is messy af and the fans end up hating him.
Posted by jimaveli, Sun Jan-23-22 11:02 AM
>like i want him going out a complete dbag and shitting on the
>front office, his teammates, the fans, the whole state of
>wisconsin, etc.

Im of the opinion that Rodgers has already done enough to be bashed into oblivion even if he says nothing else, retires abruptly in a month, and we never hear from his ass again. He hasn’t won in forever. He’s been hurt. He’s been not great in multiple big games. He has had some teammates take shots at him as a person. He pulled the whole ‘I might not come back’/hold everyone hostage bullshit that big shit real mfer badass QBs kinda don’t do. He cried and complained and let it get out going into the season. Then he showed up and acted like he was doing everyone a fucking favor so he basically had to win it all or be a bitch forever…at least to me.

(I haven’t mentioned that rona bullshit cuz the rest is enough for me and I don’t want to muddy waters here.)


This bitch ass mfer had the nerve to allow this season to be labeled ‘The Last Dance’.


The Last Dance!? What in the fuck!? The last shit called the last dance was some mfers who had won 5 titles in 7 seasons holding shit together for one more year. This Rodgers Green Bay run is nothing resembling that at all and people fix their mouths to say all sorts of delusion of grandeur ass glorious shit about this dude and these Green Bay teams. And I don’t fucking see it. Maybe folks are gassed up off of highlights and fantasy football? I don’t know. Anything to pretend that the reality is not that Brady is the dude to beat every year? Or let’s further pretend that Mahomes isn’t already damn near even with Rodgers zoomed out?

Tldr: fuck Rodgers and I have felt that way for a long time. At least a few years. Great arm talent. He proved the early critics mostly wrong. But he’s a bitch who hasn’t won in forever, he loses in spots where he should win A LOT, and here he went again. He should’ve slammed Jimmy G’s pretty face into a casket but didn’t.