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Topic subjectYou honestly believe both teams were trying to pad numbers?
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2755776, You honestly believe both teams were trying to pad numbers?
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Jan-18-22 05:05 PM
and not trying to win? You really beleive that?
These were final plays. These weren't miracles.

fair enough on the stat thing. i don't feel like looking up what the yardage on the final play of the game is, but analytics aren't everything. Neither of these would have been miracle wins. they would have been comebacks (in the 9ers case a melt down)
I would assume the week before percentages were far lower on Justin Herbert converting on all those 4th downs and even putting them in a tying position.

>Why you mad?

more pretending lol. ain't nobody mad, bro

>Still don't see you disagreeing with me that the games where

lol for the howmanyith time i never said most games were good. i pushed back on 2 games that you said did'nt come down to the wire. when by definition they did.