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Topic subjectLOL good fuckin god
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2755769, LOL good fuckin god
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Jan-18-22 04:07 PM
>SF up 16 points at 5:50 in the 3rd = 98% win probability
>CIN up 14 points at 7:55 in the 2nd = 90% win probability

You realize these percentages change as the game changes, right? Conveniently picking a spot before both teams came back and put them in an actual position on the last play of each respective game to win/tie is just goofy.

Or pretending i said you were "making up scores" when you were making up scenarios of teams "playing for garbage time and just trying to make scores look respectable

but please, go look up more stuff on the internet instead of conceding one simple point

+1, you conceded the other 4 games
4/6 = a majority of the games were poo poo

yes, congrats on me conceding a point i never made. but it if makes you feel better, sure.