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Topic subjectFool's Gold to some Extent All Season
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2755751, Fool's Gold to some Extent All Season
Posted by cp900, Tue Jan-18-22 11:44 AM
Their fall-off is definitely a testament (in part) to how great D-Hop is. They have 5 or 6 throw it up to D-hop explicit plays per game and a few more where Murray got in trouble and threw it in his general direction. The conversion rate on those was super impressive.

Once he got hurt things drastically changed. KK doesn't look all that "creative" once you take out those plays. Then dudes started getting hurt in the secondary and things slid even further.

Jordan Hicks can't cover (which is probably why they drafted Collins) then Collins wasn't ready, so teams exploited Hicks more and more as the season went on.

I also think Murray has a similar issue as Russel Wilson in that due to their stature, once they get a ball batted or tipped at the line a couple times, they get gun shy when linemen wave into their vision and hold the ball too long.